Reference disciplines

Interdisciplinary approach centring on Semiotics of Music, with the reference to the areas of Psychology, Philosophy and Sciences of Language.

Main methods used and examples of applied theories

"Common musical competence" theory (G. Stefani), "from experience to theory" method (G. Stefani), "sciences of musical language" notions (B. Vecchione), "Globality of Languages" methods and theories (S. Guerra Lisi), embodied meaning theory and "image-schema" notion (M. Johnson), metaphor theories (G. Lakoff and M. Johnson, U. Eco), etc.

Research themes and repertories studied

Musical style poetics and reception, musicological discourse analysis (music and metaphor, imagery), music and body (gestures, senses, postures...), music and other arts (synesthesia, languages transductions), music and memory. Debussy's works (La Mer and detailed analyses of Reflets dans l'eau), Ravel (Miroirs), Impressionism in music and painting, the birth of opera (Cavalieri, Monteverdi ...), music and noise in twentieth century.

Projects in progress

"Métakinésis" project, within the Geneva Emotion Music Lab (GEM),  Haute Ecole de Musique and University of Geneva : analysis of gestural metaphors in musical experience. Audio extracts MK1 (Debussy), audio extracts MK2 (Ravel).